Seal Off Your Property With A New Fence

Seal Off Your Property With A New Fence

Get a wooden fence to complement your home

Gone are the days of rickety chain-link fences and cheap vinyl picket fences. If you want to mark the borders of your property, go with a more appealing option: wood. MWM Maintenance & Restoration can build your new wood fence with any species you want, such as pine or cedar.

We'll inspect your property to determine how large the project area will be, and then provide you with a fair estimate. You're one step closer to having the fence you've always wanted-call 337-412-7540 now to schedule your on-site consultation.

4 reasons to install a fence around your property

Still on the fence about installations? Wood fences add:

  1. Security-deter thieves and vandals by installing a border around your property
  2. Privacy-don't deal with nosy neighbors looking into your backyard
  3. Curb appeal-a wood fence will make your exterior beautiful
  4. Safety-keep pets and kids on your property and out of the streets

Reach out to MWM Maintenance & Restoration today to get started on your wood fence installation project.