Refresh Your Outdated Space With MWM Maintenance

Refresh Your Outdated Space With MWM Maintenance

Bring your office’s restroom into the 21st century by remodeling

Linoleum countertops. Peeling wallpaper. Dated fixtures. These are all signs that you need to remodel your office’s bathroom. When you’re ready to take the plunge, contact MWM Maintenance. We can redo the flooring and install new lighting and plumbing fixtures. We work on all types of commercial properties in the Lafayette, LA area.

You won’t recognize your restroom by the time we’re done. Call 337-412-7540 now to request an estimate.

We can tackle other remodeling projects, too

Need to remodel your office kitchen? Want to repaint the shared workspaces? MWM Maintenance is the company to call. We’ll make your commercial space look new and modern for a price that works with your budget. Get in touch with us now to start planning your remodel.