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Choose MWM Maintenance & Restoration for commercial repair and maintenance services

No matter what kind of repairs or installations you need completed in your commercial building, we can help. MWM Maintenance & Restoration offers commercial maintenance services in the Lafayette, LA area.

Whether you need to renovate a bathroom, repair a section of trim or install new lighting fixtures, we can handle it. Trust us to keep your business running smoothly year-round by providing consistent commercial maintenance services.

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Leave your home improvement projects to the experts.

Commercial Maintenance

Commercial Maintenance

Replace your building's outdated windows and doors.

Fence Installation

Fence Installation

Pick out the perfect fencing material today.

Need a fence installed on your property?

MWM Maintenance & Restoration installs fences on residential and commercial properties. The fence types we install include:

Chain link

Contact us right away to talk about the benefits of each fencing type. We'll make sure you select the perfect fence for your property.

Renovate Your New Building

Hire MWM Maintenance & Restoration to install new lighting and flooring in your commercial space